Editors: Paulo de Medeiros and José N. Ornelas

ISSN: 1874-6969

Volume Zero has been launched. This inaugural issue is intended as a collection of essays on all aspects of Portuguese and Lusophone Cultural Studies that might be used as a reference point for other interested scholars and students. As such, it will be an issue in constant change as new essays get added to it. Newer essays will be added as small clusters and their date of publication will be indicated. Editors for this Volume are Paulo de Medeiros and Hilary Owen (Univ. of Manchester).


Volume Two, dedicated to Contemporary Poetry and Poetics, has been published. Editors for this Volume are Paulo de Medeiros and Rosa Maria Martelo (Univ. Porto)

Volume Three, focusing on Identity and Memory in Lusophone Cinema, has been published. Editor for this Volume is Paula Jordão (Univ. Utrecht)

Volume Four, edited by Patricia Schor (Univ. Utrecht) and Emanuelle Santos (Univ. Utrecht), focuses on Brazilian Postcolonialities

Volume Five, edited by Cláudia Pazos-Alonso (Univ. Oxford) and Bruno Silva Rodrigues (Univ. Oxford), focuses on António Pedro



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