publishes original essays in either English or Portuguese. Essays submitted for publication must not have been previously published nor be under consideration for publication elsewhere. In the case of a significant essay that was previously published in another language, it is possible to publish its translation. All essays will be subject to peer review. Contributors will be asked to release copyright for their essay to P but subsequent republication will be allowed as long as full mention is made of its first publication. Unsolicited book reviews will not be published. Essays submitted for publication but not taken up will not be returned. Contributors wishing to propose a special issue should contact the Editors with a detailed proposal, listing all potential contributors, their academic affiliation, titles of essays, and brief abstracts of each essay.

Electronic submission of all essays is required. Before publication contributors will be asked to provide a simple biographical note as well as a brief summary of their article. Contributors should as a rule follow the MLA Style Manual and Guide for Scholarly Publishing using the parenthetical reference mode. Final submission of essays must be in camera-ready mode. Contributors can expect a decision on publication within two months of submission and will be given the opportunity of checking proofs before publication. In order to facilitate preparation of manuscripts for submission the following guidelines should be observed.


  • Essays should be between 3.000 and 9.000 words
  • The rules of MLA Style Manual and Guide for Scholarly Publishing apply
  • Use a standard word processor, preferrably MS-Word in a recent version
  • Electronic submission is required, either in the form of an attachment, diskette or CD-ROM. Both Windows and Macintosh formatting are acceptable
  • Footnotes should be avoided and never used just for referencing. References should be provided parenthetically and collected in a list of Works Cited at the end of the essay. Check references for accuracy and completeness.
  • Use double spacing throughout including citations and eventual notes
  • Do not justify the text. Use left alignment instead
  • Use single space only after a period
  • Brief citations should be included in the body of the text within quotation marks. Citations longer than four lines should be separated from the body of the text with extra space and left indentation but without quotation marks
  • Citations from languages other than English and Portuguese must include a translation into the language of the essay.
  • Images can be included but must be of high quality and in digital format. Contributors are responsible for obtaining written permission to use copyrighted images.
  • Essays submitted in English must include a brief (250 word maximum) summary in Portuguese and vice-versa.
  • All correspondence should preferrably be done via e-mail:

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